Merge tag 'scsi-misc' of git://

Pull more SCSI updates from James Bottomley:
 "This is a set of minor fixes in various drivers (qla2xxx, ufs,
  scsi_debug, lpfc) one doc fix and a fairly large update to the fnic
  driver to remove the open coded iteration functions in favour of the
  scsi provided ones"

* tag 'scsi-misc' of git://
  scsi: fnic: Use scsi_host_busy_iter() to traverse commands
  scsi: fnic: Kill 'exclude_id' argument to fnic_cleanup_io()
  scsi: scsi_debug: Fix cmd_per_lun, set to max_queue
  scsi: ufs: core: Narrow down fast path in system suspend path
  scsi: ufs: core: Cancel rpm_dev_flush_recheck_work during system suspend
  scsi: ufs: core: Do not put UFS power into LPM if link is broken
  scsi: qla2xxx: Prevent PRLI in target mode
  scsi: qla2xxx: Add marginal path handling support
  scsi: target: tcmu: Return from tcmu_handle_completions() if cmd_id not found
  scsi: ufs: core: Fix a typo in ufs-sysfs.c
  scsi: lpfc: Fix bad memory access during VPD DUMP mailbox command
  scsi: lpfc: Fix DMA virtual address ptr assignment in bsg
  scsi: lpfc: Fix illegal memory access on Abort IOCBs
  scsi: blk-mq: Fix build warning when making htmldocs