Merge tag 'gfs2-4.18.fixes' of git://

Pull gfs2 updates from Bob Peterson:
 "We've got nine more patches for this merge window.

   - remove sd_jheightsize to greatly simplify some code (Andreas

   - fix some comments (Andreas)

   - fix a glock recursion bug when allocation errors occur (Andreas)

   - improve the hole_size function so it returns the entire hole rather
     than figuring it out piecemeal (Andreas)

   - clean up gfs2_stuffed_write_end to remove a lot of redundancy

   - clarify code with regard to the way ordered writes are processed

   - a bunch of improvements and cleanups of the iomap code to pave the
     way for iomap writes, which is a future patch set (Andreas)

   - fix a bug where block reservations can run off the end of a bitmap
     (Bob Peterson)

   - add Andreas to the MAINTAINERS file (Bob Peterson)"

* tag 'gfs2-4.18.fixes' of git://
  MAINTAINERS: Add Andreas Gruenbacher as a maintainer for gfs2
  gfs2: Iomap cleanups and improvements
  gfs2: Remove ordered write mode handling from gfs2_trans_add_data
  gfs2: gfs2_stuffed_write_end cleanup
  gfs2: hole_size improvement
  GFS2: gfs2_free_extlen can return an extent that is too long
  GFS2: Fix allocation error bug with recursive rgrp glocking
  gfs2: Update find_metapath comment
  gfs2: Remove sdp->sd_jheightsize