Merge tag '4.18-smb3-fixes' of git://

Pull cifs updates from Steve French:

 - smb3 fixes for stable

 - addition of ftrace hooks for cifs.ko

 - improvements in compounding and smbdirect (rdma)

* tag '4.18-smb3-fixes' of git:// (38 commits)
  CIFS: Add support for direct pages in wdata
  CIFS: Use offset when reading pages
  CIFS: Add support for direct pages in rdata
  cifs: update multiplex loop to handle compounded responses
  cifs: remove header_preamble_size where it is always 0
  cifs: remove struct smb2_hdr
  CIFS: 511c54a2f69195b28afb9dd119f03787b1625bb4 adds a check for session expiry, status STATUS_NETWORK_SESSION_EXPIRED, however the server can also respond with STATUS_USER_SESSION_DELETED in cases where the session has been idle for some time and the server reaps the session to recover resources.
  cifs: change smb2_get_data_area_len to take a smb2_sync_hdr as argument
  cifs: update smb2_calc_size to use smb2_sync_hdr instead of smb2_hdr
  cifs: remove struct smb2_oplock_break_rsp
  cifs: remove rfc1002 header from all SMB2 response structures
  smb3: on reconnect set PreviousSessionId field
  smb3: Add posix create context for smb3.11 posix mounts
  smb3: add tracepoints for smb2/smb3 open
  cifs: add debug output to show nocase mount option
  smb3: add define for id for posix create context and corresponding struct
  cifs: update smb2_check_message to handle PDUs without a 4 byte length header
  smb3: allow "posix" mount option to enable new SMB311 protocol extensions
  smb3: add support for posix negotiate context
  cifs: allow disabling less secure legacy dialects