Merge branch 'work.aio-1' of git://

Pull aio updates from Al Viro:
 "Majority of AIO stuff this cycle. aio-fsync and aio-poll, mostly.

  The only thing I'm holding back for a day or so is Adam's aio ioprio -
  his last-minute fixup is trivial (missing stub in !CONFIG_BLOCK case),
  but let it sit in -next for decency sake..."

* 'work.aio-1' of git:// (46 commits)
  aio: sanitize the limit checking in io_submit(2)
  aio: fold do_io_submit() into callers
  aio: shift copyin of iocb into io_submit_one()
  aio_read_events_ring(): make a bit more readable
  aio: all callers of aio_{read,write,fsync,poll} treat 0 and -EIOCBQUEUED the same way
  aio: take list removal to (some) callers of aio_complete()
  aio: add missing break for the IOCB_CMD_FDSYNC case
  random: convert to ->poll_mask
  timerfd: convert to ->poll_mask
  eventfd: switch to ->poll_mask
  pipe: convert to ->poll_mask
  crypto: af_alg: convert to ->poll_mask
  net/rxrpc: convert to ->poll_mask
  net/iucv: convert to ->poll_mask
  net/phonet: convert to ->poll_mask
  net/nfc: convert to ->poll_mask
  net/caif: convert to ->poll_mask
  net/bluetooth: convert to ->poll_mask
  net/sctp: convert to ->poll_mask
  net/tipc: convert to ->poll_mask