Merge branch 'work.lookup' of git://

Pull dcache lookup cleanups from Al Viro:
 "Cleaning ->lookup() instances up - mostly d_splice_alias() conversions"

* 'work.lookup' of git:// (29 commits)
  switch the rest of procfs lookups to d_splice_alias()
  procfs: switch instantiate_t to d_splice_alias()
  don't bother with tid_fd_revalidate() in lookups
  proc_lookupfd_common(): don't bother with instantiate unless the file is open
  procfs: get rid of ancient BS in pid_revalidate() uses
  cifs_lookup(): switch to d_splice_alias()
  cifs_lookup(): cifs_get_inode_...() never returns 0 with *inode left NULL
  9p: unify paths in v9fs_vfs_lookup()
  ncp_lookup(): use d_splice_alias()
  hfsplus: switch to d_splice_alias()
  hfs: don't allow mounting over .../rsrc
  hfs: use d_splice_alias()
  omfs_lookup(): report IO errors, use d_splice_alias()
  orangefs_lookup: simplify
  openpromfs: switch to d_splice_alias()
  xfs_vn_lookup: simplify a bit
  adfs_lookup: do not fail with ENOENT on negatives, use d_splice_alias()
  adfs_lookup_byname: .. *is* taken care of in fs/namei.c
  romfs_lookup: switch to d_splice_alias()
  qnx6_lookup: switch to d_splice_alias()