Merge tag 'docs-4.18' of git://

Pull documentation updates from Jonathan Corbet:
 "There's been a fair amount of work in the docs tree this time around,

   - Extensive RST conversions and organizational work in the
     memory-management docs thanks to Mike Rapoport.

   - An update of Documentation/features from Andrea Parri and a script
     to keep it updated.

   - Various LICENSES updates from Thomas, along with a script to check
     SPDX tags.

   - Work to fix dangling references to documentation files; this
     involved a fair number of one-liner comment changes outside of

  ... and the usual list of documentation improvements, typo fixes, etc"

* tag 'docs-4.18' of git:// (103 commits)
  Documentation: document hung_task_panic kernel parameter
  docs/admin-guide/mm: add high level concepts overview
  docs/vm: move ksm and transhuge from "user" to "internals" section.
  docs: Use the kerneldoc comments for memalloc_no*()
  doc: document scope NOFS, NOIO APIs
  docs: update kernel versions and dates in tables
  docs/vm: transhuge: split userspace bits to admin-guide/mm/transhuge
  docs/vm: transhuge: minor updates
  docs/vm: transhuge: change sections order
  Documentation: arm: clean up Marvell Berlin family info
  Documentation: gpio: driver: Fix a typo and some odd grammar
  docs: ranoops.rst: fix location of ramoops.txt
  scripts/documentation-file-ref-check: rewrite it in perl with auto-fix mode
  docs: uio-howto.rst: use a code block to solve a warning
  mm, THP, doc: Add document for thp_swpout/thp_swpout_fallback
  w1: w1_io.c: fix a kernel-doc warning
  Documentation/process/posting: wrap text at 80 cols
  docs: admin-guide: add cgroup-v2 documentation
  Revert "Documentation/features/vm: Remove arch support status file for 'pte_special'"
  Documentation: refcount-vs-atomic: Update reference to LKMM doc.