Merge tag 'mm-stable-2023-05-06-10-49' of git://

Pull dmapool updates - again - from Andrew Morton:
 "Reinstate the dmapool changes which were accidentally removed by a
  mishap on the last commit in the previous attempt at the series"

Fixes: 2d55c16c0c54 ("dmapool: create/destroy cleanup").

[ The whole old series: def8574308ed..2d55c16c0c54 results in an empty
  diff because that last commit ended up being just a revert of all that
  came everything before it.     - Linus ]

* tag 'mm-stable-2023-05-06-10-49' of git://
  dmapool: link blocks across pages
  dmapool: don't memset on free twice
  dmapool: simplify freeing
  dmapool: consolidate page initialization
  dmapool: rearrange page alloc failure handling
  dmapool: move debug code to own functions
  dmapool: speedup DMAPOOL_DEBUG with init_on_alloc
  dmapool: cleanup integer types
  dmapool: use sysfs_emit() instead of scnprintf()
  dmapool: remove checks for dev == NULL