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Pull GFS2 updates from Bob Peterson:
 "Here is a list of patches we've accumulated for GFS2 for the current
  upstream merge window.  Last window's set was short, but I warned that
  this one would be bigger, and so it is.  We've got 19 patches:

   - A patch from Abhi Das to propagate the GFS2_DIF_SYSTEM bit so that
     newly added journals don't get flagged, deleted, and recreated by

   - Two patches from Andreas Gruenbacher to improve GFS2 performance
     where extended attributes are involved.

   - A patch from Andy Price to fix a suspicious rcu dereference error.

   - Two patches from Ben Marzinski that rework how GFS2's NFS cookies
     are managed.  This fixes readdir problems with nfs-over-gfs2.

   - A patch from Ben Marzinski that fixes a race in unmounting GFS2.

   - A set of four patches from me to move the resource group
     reservations inside the gfs2 inode to improve performance and fix a
     bug whereby get_write_access improperly prevented some operations
     like chown.

   - A patch from me to spinlock-protect the setting of system statfs
     file data.  This was causing small discrepancies between df and du.

   - A patch from me to reintroduce a timeout while clearing glocks
     which was accidentally dropped some time ago.

   - A patch from me to wait for iopen glock dequeues in order to
     improve deleting of files that were unlinked from a different
     cluster node.

   - A patch from me to ensure metadata address spaces get truncated
     when an inode is evicted.

   - A patch from me to fix a bug in which a memory leak could occur in
     some error cases when inodes were trying to be created.

   - A patch to consistently use iopen glocks to transition from the
     unlinked state to the deleted state.

   - A patch to fix a glock reference count error when inode creation

   - A patch from Junxiao Bi to fix an flock panic.

   - A patch from Markus Elfring that removes an unnecessary if"

* tag 'gfs2-merge-window' of git://
  gfs2: fix flock panic issue
  GFS2: Don't do glock put on when inode creation fails
  GFS2: Always use iopen glock for gl_deletes
  GFS2: Release iopen glock in gfs2_create_inode error cases
  GFS2: Truncate address space mapping when deleting an inode
  GFS2: Wait for iopen glock dequeues
  gfs2: clear journal live bit in	gfs2_log_flush
  gfs2: change gfs2 readdir cookie
  gfs2: keep offset when splitting dir leaf blocks
  GFS2: Reintroduce a timeout in function gfs2_gl_hash_clear
  GFS2: Update master statfs buffer with sd_statfs_spin locked
  GFS2: Reduce size of incore inode
  GFS2: Make rgrp reservations part of the gfs2_inode structure
  GFS2: Extract quota data from reservations structure (revert 5407e24)
  gfs2: Extended attribute readahead optimization
  gfs2: Extended attribute readahead
  GFS2: Use rht_for_each_entry_rcu in glock_hash_walk
  GFS2: Delete an unnecessary check before the function call "iput"
  gfs2: Automatically set GFS2_DIF_SYSTEM flag on system files