Merge tag 'spi-v4.5' of git://

Pull spi updates from Mark Brown:
 "A quiet release for SPI, not even many driver updates:

   - Add a dummy loopback driver for use in exercising framework
     features during development.

   - Move the test utilities to tools/ and add support for transferring
     data to and from a file instead of stdin and stdout to spidev_test.

   - Support for Mediatek MT2701 and Renesas AG5 deices"

* tag 'spi-v4.5' of git:// (69 commits)
  spi: loopback: fix typo in MODULE_PARM_DESC
  spi: sun4i: Prevent chip-select from being activated twice before a transfer
  spi: loopback-test: spi_check_rx_ranges can get always done
  spi: loopback-test: rename method spi_test_fill_tx to spi_test_fill_pattern
  spi: loopback-test: write rx pattern also when running without tx_buf
  spi: fsl-espi: expose maximum transfer size limit
  spi: expose master transfer size limitation.
  spi: zynq: use to_platform_device()
  spi: cadence: use to_platform_device()
  spi: mediatek: Add spi support for mt2701 IC
  spi: mediatek: merge all identical compat to mtk_common_compat
  spi: mtk: Add bindings for mediatek MT2701 soc platform
  spi: mediatek: Prevent overflows in FIFO transfers
  spi: s3c64xx: Remove unused platform_device_id entries
  spi: use to_spi_device
  spi: dw: Use SPI_TMOD_TR rather than magic const 0 to set tmode
  spi: imx: defer spi initialization, if DMA engine is
  spi: imx: return error from dma channel request
  spi: imx: enable loopback only for ECSPI controller family
  spi: imx: fix loopback mode setup after controller reset