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Pull oower management and ACPI updates from Rafael Wysocki:
 "As far as the number of commits goes, ACPICA takes the lead this time,
  followed by cpufreq and the device properties framework changes.

  The most significant new feature is the debugfs-based interface to the
  ACPICA's AML debugger added in the previous cycle and a new user space
  tool for accessing it.

  On the cpufreq front, the core is updated to handle governors more
  efficiently, particularly on systems where a single cpufreq policy
  object is shared between multiple CPUs, and there are quite a few
  changes in drivers (intel_pstate, cpufreq-dt etc).

  The device properties framework is updated to handle built-in (ie
  included in the kernel itself) device properties better, among other
  things by adding a fallback mechanism that will allow drivers to
  provide default properties to be used in case the plaform firmware
  doesn't provide the properties expected by them.

  The Operating Performance Points (OPP) framework gets new DT bindings
  and debugfs support.

  A new cpufreq driver for ST platforms is added and the ACPI driver for
  AMD SoCs will now support the APM X-Gene ACPI I2C device.

  The rest is mostly fixes and cleanups all over.


   - Add a debugfs-based interface for interacting with the ACPICA's AML
     debugger introduced in the previous cycle and a new user space tool
     for that, fix some bugs related to the AML debugger and clean up
     the code in question (Lv Zheng, Dan Carpenter, Colin Ian King,
     Markus Elfring).

   - Update ACPICA to upstream revision 20151218 including a number of
     fixes and cleanups in the ACPICA core (Bob Moore, Lv Zheng, Labbe
     Corentin, Prarit Bhargava, Colin Ian King, David E Box, Rafael

     In particular, the previously added erroneous support for the _SUB
     object is dropped, the concatenate operator will support all ACPI
     objects now, the Debug Object handling is improved, the SuperName
     handling of parameters being control methods is fixed, the
     ObjectType operator handling is updated to follow ACPI 5.0A and the
     handling of CondRefOf and RefOf is updated accordingly, module-
     level code will be executed after loading each ACPI table now
     (instead of being run once after all tables containing AML have
     been loaded), the Operation Region handlers management is updated
     to fix some reported problems and a the ACPICA code in the kernel
     is more in line with the upstream now.

   - Update the ACPI backlight driver to provide information on whether
     or not it will generate key-presses for brightness change hotkeys
     and update some platform drivers (dell-wmi, thinkpad_acpi) to use
     that information to avoid sending double key-events to users pace
     for these, add new ACPI backlight quirks (Hans de Goede, Aaron Lu,
     Adrien Schildknecht).

   - Improve the ACPI handling of interrupt GPIOs (Christophe Ricard).

   - Fix the handling of the list of device IDs of device objects found
     in the ACPI namespace and add a helper for checking if there is a
     device object for a given device ID (Lukas Wunner).

   - Change the logic in the ACPI namespace scanning code to create
     struct acpi_device objects for all ACPI device objects found in the
     namespace even if _STA fails for them which helps to avoid device
     enumeration problems on Microsoft Surface 3 (Aaron Lu).

   - Add support for the APM X-Gene ACPI I2C device to the ACPI driver
     for AMD SoCs (Loc Ho).

   - Fix the long-standing issue with the DMA controller on Intel SoCs
     where ACPI tables have no power management support for the DMA
     controller itself, but it can be powered off automatically when the
     last (other) device on the SoC is powered off via ACPI and clean up
     the ACPI driver for Intel SoCs (acpi-lpss) after previous attempts
     to fix that problem (Andy Shevchenko).

   - Assorted ACPI fixes and cleanups (Andy Lutomirski, Colin Ian King,
     Javier Martinez Canillas, Ken Xue, Mathias Krause, Rafael Wysocki,
     Sinan Kaya).

   - Update the device properties framework for better handling of
     built-in properties, add support for built-in properties to the
     platform bus type, update the MFD subsystem's handling of device
     properties and add support for passing default configuration data
     as device properties to the intel-lpss MFD drivers, convert the
     designware I2C driver to use the unified device properties API and
     add a fallback mechanism for using default built-in properties if
     the platform firmware fails to provide the properties as expected
     by drivers (Andy Shevchenko, Mika Westerberg, Heikki Krogerus,
     Andrew Morton).

   - Add new Device Tree bindings to the Operating Performance Points
     (OPP) framework and update the exynos4412 DT binding accordingly,
     introduce debugfs support for the OPP framework (Viresh Kumar,
     Bartlomiej Zolnierkiewicz).

   - Migrate the mt8173 cpufreq driver to the new OPP bindings (Pi-Cheng

   - Update the cpufreq core to make the handling of governors more
     efficient, especially on systems where policy objects are shared
     between multiple CPUs (Viresh Kumar, Rafael Wysocki).

   - Fix cpufreq governor handling on configurations with
     CONFIG_HZ_PERIODIC set (Chen Yu).

   - Clean up the cpufreq core code related to the boost sysfs knob
     support and update the ACPI cpufreq driver accordingly (Rafael

   - Add a new cpufreq driver for ST platforms and corresponding Device
     Tree bindings (Lee Jones).

   - Update the intel_pstate driver to allow the P-state selection
     algorithm used by it to depend on the CPU ID of the processor it is
     running on, make it use a special P-state selection algorithm (with
     an IO wait time compensation tweak) on Atom CPUs based on the
     Airmont and Silvermont cores so as to reduce their energy
     consumption and improve intel_pstate documentation (Philippe
     Longepe, Srinivas Pandruvada).

   - Update the cpufreq-dt driver to support registering cooling devices
     that use the (P * V^2 * f) dynamic power draw formula where V is
     the voltage, f is the frequency and P is a constant coefficient
     provided by Device Tree and update the arm_big_little cpufreq
     driver to use that support (Punit Agrawal).

   - Assorted cpufreq driver (cpufreq-dt, qoriq, pcc-cpufreq,
     blackfin-cpufreq) updates (Andrzej Hajda, Hongtao Jia, Jacob
     Tanenbaum, Markus Elfring).

   - cpuidle core tweaks related to polling and measured_us calculation
     (Rik van Riel).

   - Removal of modularity from a few cpuidle drivers (clps711x, ux500,
     exynos) that cannot be built as modules in practice (Paul

   - PM core update to prevent devices from being probed during system
     suspend/resume which is generally problematic and may lead to
     inconsistent behavior (Grygorii Strashko).

   - Assorted updates of the PM core and related code (Julia Lawall,
     Manuel Pégourié-Gonnard, Maruthi Bayyavarapu, Rafael Wysocki, Ulf

   - PNP bus type updates (Christophe Le Roy, Heiner Kallweit).

   - PCI PM code cleanups (Jarkko Nikula, Julia Lawall).

   - cpupower tool updates (Jacob Tanenbaum, Thomas Renninger)"

* tag 'pm+acpi-4.5-rc1-1' of git:// (177 commits)
  PM / clk: don't leave clocks enabled when driver not bound
  i2c: dw: Add APM X-Gene ACPI I2C device support
  ACPI / APD: Add APM X-Gene ACPI I2C device support
  ACPI / LPSS: change 'does not have' to 'has' in comment
  Revert "dmaengine: dw: platform: provide platform data for Intel"
  dmaengine: dw: return immediately from IRQ when DMA isn't in use
  dmaengine: dw: platform: power on device on shutdown
  ACPI / LPSS: override power state for LPSS DMA device
  PM / OPP: Use snprintf() instead of sprintf()
  Documentation: cpufreq: intel_pstate: enhance documentation
  ACPI, PCI, irq: remove redundant check for null string pointer
  ACPI / video: driver must be registered before checking for keypresses
  cpufreq-dt: fix handling regulator_get_voltage() result
  cpufreq: governor: Fix negative idle_time when configured with CONFIG_HZ_PERIODIC
  PM / sleep: Add support for read-only sysfs attributes
  ACPI: Fix white space in a structure definition
  ACPI / SBS: fix inconsistent indenting inside if statement
  PNP: respect PNP_DRIVER_RES_DO_NOT_CHANGE when detaching
  ACPI / PNP: constify device IDs
  ACPI / PCI: Simplify acpi_penalize_isa_irq()