Merge tag 'tty-4.5-rc1' of git://

Pull tty/serial updates from Greg KH:
 "Here is the big serial/tty driver update for 4.5-rc1.

  Lots of driver updates and some tty core changes.  All of these have
  been in linux-next and the details are in the shortlog"

* tag 'tty-4.5-rc1' of git:// (127 commits)
  drivers/tty/serial: delete unused MODULE_DEVICE_TABLE from atmel_serial.c
  serial: sh-sci: Remove cpufreq notifier to fix crash/deadlock
  serial: 8250: of: Fix the driver and actually compile the 8250_of
  tty: amba-pl011: use iotype instead of access_32b to track 32-bit I/O
  tty: amba-pl011: fix earlycon register offsets
  serial: sh-sci: Drop the sci_fck clock fallback
  sh: sh7734: Correct SCIF type for BRG
  sh: Remove sci_ick clock alias
  sh: Rename sci_ick and sci_fck clock to fck
  serial: sh-sci: Add support for optional BRG on (H)SCIF
  serial: sh-sci: Add support for optional external (H)SCK input
  serial: sh-sci: Prepare for multiple sampling clock sources
  serial: sh-sci: Correct SCIF type on R-Car for BRG
  serial: sh-sci: Correct SCIF type on RZ/A1H
  serial: sh-sci: Replace struct sci_port_info by type/regtype encoding
  serial: sh-sci: Add BRG register definitions
  serial: sh-sci: Take into account sampling rate for max baud rate
  serial: sh-sci: Merge sci_scbrr_calc() and sci_baud_calc_hscif()
  serial: sh-sci: Avoid calculating the receive margin for HSCIF
  serial: sh-sci: Improve bit rate error calculation for HSCIF