Merge tag 'media/v4.5-2' of git://

Pull second batch of media updates from Mauro Carvalho Chehab:
 "This is the second part of the media patches.  It contains the media
  controller next generation patches, with is the result of one year of
  discussions and development.  It also contains patches to enable media
  controller support at the DVB subsystem.

  The goal is to improve the media controller to allow proper support
  for other types of Video4Linux devices (radio and TV ones) and to
  extend the media controller functionality to allow it to be used by
  other subsystems like DVB, ALSA and IIO.

  In order to use the new functionality, a new ioctl is needed
  (MEDIA_IOC_G_TOPOLOGY).  As we're still discussing how to pack the
  struct fields of this ioctl in order to avoid compat32 issues, I
  decided to add a patch at the end of this series commenting out the
  new ioctl, in order to postpone the addition of the new ioctl to the
  next Kernel version (4.6).

  With that, no userspace visible changes should happen at the media
  controller API, as the existing ioctls are untouched.  Yet, it helps
  DVB, ALSA and IIO developers to develop and test the patches adding
  media controller support there, as the core will contain all required
  internal changes to allow adding support for devices that belong to
  those subsystems"

* tag 'media/v4.5-2' of git:// (177 commits)
  [media] Postpone the addition of MEDIA_IOC_G_TOPOLOGY
  [media] mxl111sf: Add a tuner entity
  [media] dvbdev: create links on devices with multiple frontends
  [media] media-entitiy: add a function to create multiple links
  [media] dvb-usb-v2: postpone removal of media_device
  [media] dvbdev: Add RF connector if needed
  [media] dvbdev: remove two dead functions if !CONFIG_MEDIA_CONTROLLER_DVB
  [media] call media_device_init() before registering the V4L2 device
  [media] uapi/media.h: Use u32 for the number of graph objects
  [media] media-entity: don't sleep at media_device_register_entity()
  [media] media-entity: increase max number of PADs
  [media] media-entity.h: document the remaining functions
  [media] media-device.h: use just one u32 counter for object ID
  [media] media-entity.h fix documentation for several parameters
  [media] DocBook: document media_entity_graph_walk_cleanup()
  [media] move documentation to the header files
  [media] media: Move MEDIA_ENTITY_MAX_PADS from media-entity.h to media-entity.c
  [media] media: Remove pre-allocated entity enumeration bitmap
  [media] staging: v4l: davinci_vpbe: Use the new media graph walk interface
  [media] staging: v4l: omap4iss: Use the new media graph walk interface