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Pull MTD updates from Brian Norris:
 "Generic MTD:

   - populate the MTD device 'of_node' field (and get a proper 'of_node'
     symlink in sysfs)

     This yielded some new helper functions, and changes across a
     variety of drivers

   - partitioning cleanups, to prepare for better device-tree based
     partitioning in the future

     Eliminate a lot of boilerplate for drivers that want to use
     OF-based partition parsing

     The DT bindings for this didn't settle yet, so most non-cleanup
     portions are deferred for a future release


   - embed a struct mtd_info inside struct nand_chip

     This is really long overdue; too many drivers have to do the same
     silly boilerplate to allocate and link up two "independent"
     structs, when in fact, everyone is assuming there is an exact 1:1
     relationship between a NAND chips struct and its underlying MTD.
     This aids improved helpers and should make certain abstractions
     easier in the future.

     Also causes a lot of churn, helped along by some automated code

   - add more core support for detecting (and "correcting") bitflips in
     erased pages; requires opt-in by drivers, but at least we kill a
     few bad implementations and hopefully stave off future ones

   - pxa3xx_nand: cleanups, a few fixes, and PM improvements

   - new JZ4780 NAND driver


   - provide default erase function, for controllers that just want to
     send the SECTOR_ERASE command directly

   - fix some module auto-loading issues with device tree

   - error handling fixes

   - new Mediatek QSPI flash driver


   - cfi: force valid geometry Kconfig (finally!)

     This one used to trip up randconfigs occasionally, since bots
     aren't deterred by big scary "advanced configuration" menus

  More? Probably. See the commit logs"

* tag 'for-linus-20160112' of git:// (168 commits)
  mtd: jz4780_nand: replace if/else blocks with switch/case
  mtd: nand: jz4780: Update ecc correction error codes
  mtd: nandsim: use nand_get_controller_data()
  mtd: jz4780_nand: remove useless mtd->priv = chip assignment
  staging: mt29f_spinand: make use of nand_set/get_controller_data() helpers
  mtd: nand: make use of nand_set/get_controller_data() helpers
  ARM: make use of nand_set/get_controller_data() helpers
  mtd: nand: add helpers to access ->priv
  mtd: nand: jz4780: driver for NAND devices on JZ4780 SoCs
  mtd: nand: jz4740: remove custom 'erased check' implementation
  mtd: nand: diskonchip: remove custom 'erased check' implementation
  mtd: nand: davinci: remove custom 'erased check' implementation
  mtd: nand: use nand_check_erased_ecc_chunk in default ECC read functions
  mtd: nand: return consistent error codes in ecc.correct() implementations
  doc: dt: mtd: new binding for jz4780-{nand,bch}
  mtd: cfi_cmdset_0001: fixing memory leak and handling failed kmalloc
  mtd: spi-nor: wait until lock/unlock operations are ready
  mtd: tests: consolidate kmalloc/memset 0 call to kzalloc
  jffs2: use to_delayed_work
  mtd: nand: assign reasonable default name for NAND drivers