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Linux Kernel Autogenerated Regression Tests
linux-arts repository is dedicated to preserving the autogenerated
regression tests for regression testing.
Automates testing entities such as Syzbot generate reproducers to test
the kernel. It is a manual process to download reproducers and once the
bug is fixed, kernel developers loose track of these reproducers.
As per the decision made at a session at the Maintainers Summit 2019,
this git repository is created to preserve the reproducers.
Please find the details on the discussion that lead to this decision
Commits from are applied
to linux-arts git periodically.
Procedure for updating linux-arts from syzkaller-repros.git:
Step 1:
- Checkout //
git clone
Step 2:
- Generate patches for new commits.
- Check author lines and add if any missing
- Apply with root pre-fix syzkaller-repros to linux-arts git
cat ../syzkaller-repros/<name>.patch | \
git am --directory=syzkaller-repros
- Add tag with information that includes the top commit from
Please send any patches and regressions tests to:
Shuah Khan <>