Merge tag 'scsi-for-linus' of git://

Pull more SCSI updates from James Bottomley:
 "This is just a couple of drivers (hpsa and lpfc) that got left out for
  further testing in linux-next.  We also have one fix to a prior
  submission (qla2xxx sparse)"

* tag 'scsi-for-linus' of git:// (36 commits)
  qla2xxx: fix sparse warnings introduced by previous target mode t10-dif patch
  lpfc: Update lpfc version to driver version 10.2.8001.0
  lpfc: Fix ExpressLane priority setup
  lpfc: mark old devices as obsolete
  lpfc: Fix for initializing RRQ bitmap
  lpfc: Fix for cleaning up stale ring flag and sp_queue_event entries
  lpfc: Update lpfc version to driver version 10.2.8000.0
  lpfc: Update Copyright on changed files from 8.3.45 patches
  lpfc: Update Copyright on changed files
  lpfc: Fixed locking for scsi task management commands
  lpfc: Convert runtime references to old xlane cfg param to fof cfg param
  lpfc: Fix FW dump using sysfs
  lpfc: Fix SLI4 s abort loop to process all FCP rings and under ring_lock
  lpfc: Fixed kernel panic in lpfc_abort_handler
  lpfc: Fix locking for postbufq when freeing
  lpfc: Fix locking for lpfc_hba_down_post
  lpfc: Fix dynamic transitions of FirstBurst from on to off
  hpsa: fix handling of hpsa_volume_offline return value
  hpsa: return -ENOMEM not -1 on kzalloc failure in hpsa_get_device_id
  hpsa: remove messages about volume status VPD inquiry page not supported