ARM: platform support for Nuvoton WPCM450

The Nuvoton WPCM450 BMC is an older chip based on the ARM926 CPU core
that remains in use on Supermicro X9 server boards among others. Support
gets added for a particular server board using this SoC along with the
basic platform bringup.

As the platform is a predecessor to the npcm7xx platform we already
support, it is added to the same directory, despite using a different
name. It also seems to be related to the older w90x900/nuc9xx platform
that was removed last year.

Signed-off-by: Arnd Bergmann <>
Merge tag 'bmc-5.13-wpcm450' of git:// into arm/newsoc

Nuvoton WPCM450 BMC SoC

This adds basic support for the Nuvoton WPCM450 BMC SoC. It's an older
SoC but still commonly found on eBay, mostly in Supermicro X9 server

Third-party documentation is available at:

The code has been contributed by Jonathan Neuschäfer who has also
stepped forward to maintain the soc.

* tag 'bmc-5.13-wpcm450' of git://
  ARM: config: Add WPCM to multi v5
  MAINTAINERS: Add entry for Nuvoton WPCM450
  ARM: dts: Add devicetree for Supermicro X9SCi-LN4F based on WPCM450
  ARM: dts: Add devicetree for Nuvoton WPCM450 BMC chip
  watchdog: npcm: Add support for WPCM450
  ARM: npcm: Introduce Nuvoton WPCM450 SoC
  dt-bindings: watchdog: npcm: Add nuvoton,wpcm450-wdt
  dt-bindings: arm: npcm: Add nuvoton,wpcm450 compatible string
  dt-bindings: vendor-prefixes: Add Supermicro
  ARM: dts: Add board-specific compatible string to npcm750-evb devicetree
  dt-bindings: arm: Convert nuvoton,npcm750 binding to YAML

Signed-off-by: Arnd Bergmann <>