Merge tag 'dma-mapping-6.9-2024-03-24' of git://

Pull dma-mapping fixes from Christoph Hellwig:
 "This has a set of swiotlb alignment fixes for sometimes very long
  standing bugs from Will. We've been discussion them for a while and
  they should be solid now"

* tag 'dma-mapping-6.9-2024-03-24' of git://
  swiotlb: Reinstate page-alignment for mappings >= PAGE_SIZE
  iommu/dma: Force swiotlb_max_mapping_size on an untrusted device
  swiotlb: Fix alignment checks when both allocation and DMA masks are present
  swiotlb: Honour dma_alloc_coherent() alignment in swiotlb_alloc()
  swiotlb: Enforce page alignment in swiotlb_alloc()
  swiotlb: Fix double-allocation of slots due to broken alignment handling