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Linux firmware

This repository contains all these firmware images which have been extracted from older drivers, as well various new firmware images which we were never permitted to include in a GPL'd work, but which we have been permitted to redistribute under separate cover.

The upstream repository is located at

Submitting firmware

To submit firmware to this repository, please do one of the following:

  • open a MR upstream
  • send a git binary diff to
  • send a git pull request to:


If your commit adds new firmware, it must update the WHENCE file to clearly state the license under which the firmware is available, and that it is redistributable. Being redistributable includes ensuring the firmware license provided includes an implicit or explicit patent grant to end users to ensure full functionality of device operation with the firmware. If the license is long and involved, it's permitted to include it in a separate file and refer to it from the WHENCE file (IE ‘See for details.’). And if it were possible, a changelog of the firmware itself.

To maintain consistent quality on the repository, please run the following before submitting a patch:

make check

If you don't have pre-commit installed, you can install it with:

pip install pre-commit

Your commit must contain a Signed-Off-By: from someone authoritative on the licensing of the firmware in question (i.e. from within the company that owns the code).


  1. Don't send any CONFIDENTIALITY STATEMENT in your e-mail, patch or request. Otherwise your firmware will never be accepted.
  2. Maintainers are really busy, so don't expect a prompt reply.