Merge tag 'efi-fixes-for-v6.9-2' of git://

Pull EFI fixes from Ard Biesheuvel:

 - Fix logic that is supposed to prevent placement of the kernel image

 - Use the firmware stack in the EFI stub when running in mixed mode

 - Clear BSS only once when using mixed mode

 - Check efi.get_variable() function pointer for NULL before trying to
   call it

* tag 'efi-fixes-for-v6.9-2' of git://
  efi: fix panic in kdump kernel
  x86/efistub: Don't clear BSS twice in mixed mode
  x86/efistub: Call mixed mode boot services on the firmware's stack
  efi/libstub: fix efi_random_alloc() to allocate memory at alloc_min or higher address