Merge tag 'arm64-fixes' of git://

Pull arm64 fixes from Will Deacon:
 "The critical one here is a fix for fpsimd register corruption across
  signals which was introduced by the SVE support code (the register
  files overlap), but the others are worth having as well.


   - Fix FP register corruption when SVE is not available or in use

   - Fix out-of-tree module build failure when CONFIG_ARM64_MODULE_PLTS=y

   - Missing 'const' generating errors with LTO builds

   - Remove unsupported events from Cortex-A73 PMU description

   - Removal of stale and incorrect comments"

* tag 'arm64-fixes' of git://
  arm64: context: Fix comments and remove pointless smp_wmb()
  arm64: cpu_ops: Add missing 'const' qualifiers
  arm64: perf: remove unsupported events for Cortex-A73
  arm64: fpsimd: Fix failure to restore FPSIMD state after signals
  arm64: pgd: Mark pgd_cache as __ro_after_init
  arm64: ftrace: emit ftrace-mod.o contents through code
  arm64: module-plts: factor out PLT generation code for ftrace
  arm64: mm: cleanup stale AIVIVT references