Merge tag 'riscv-for-linus-4.15-rc2_cleanups' of git://

Pull RISC-V cleanups and ABI fixes from Palmer Dabbelt:
 "This contains a handful of small cleanups that are a result of
  feedback that didn't make it into our original patch set, either
  because the feedback hadn't been given yet, I missed the original
  emails, or we weren't ready to submit the changes yet.

  I've been maintaining the various cleanup patch sets I have as their
  own branches, which I then merged together and signed. Each merge
  commit has a short summary of the changes, and each branch is based on
  your latest tag (4.15-rc1, in this case). If this isn't the right way
  to do this then feel free to suggest something else, but it seems sane
  to me.

  Here's a short summary of the changes, roughly in order of how
  interesting they are.

   - libgcc.h has been moved from include/lib, where it's the only
     member, to include/linux. This is meant to avoid tab completion

   - VDSO entries for clock_get/gettimeofday/getcpu have been added.
     These are simple syscalls now, but we want to let glibc use them
     from the start so we can make them faster later.

   - A VDSO entry for instruction cache flushing has been added so
     userspace can flush the instruction cache.

   - The VDSO symbol versions for __vdso_cmpxchg{32,64} have been
     removed, as those VDSO entries don't actually exist.

   - __io_writes has been corrected to respect the given type.

   - A new READ_ONCE in arch_spin_is_locked().

   - __test_and_op_bit_ord() is now actually ordered.

   - Various small fixes throughout the tree to enable allmodconfig to
     build cleanly.

   - Removal of some dead code in our atomic support headers.

   - Improvements to various comments in our atomic support headers"

* tag 'riscv-for-linus-4.15-rc2_cleanups' of git:// (23 commits)
  RISC-V: __io_writes should respect the length argument
  move libgcc.h to include/linux
  RISC-V: Clean up an unused include
  RISC-V: Allow userspace to flush the instruction cache
  RISC-V: Flush I$ when making a dirty page executable
  RISC-V: Add missing include
  RISC-V: Use define for get_cycles like other architectures
  RISC-V: Provide stub of setup_profiling_timer()
  RISC-V: Export some expected symbols for modules
  RISC-V: move empty_zero_page definition to C and export it
  RISC-V: io.h: type fixes for warnings
  RISC-V: use RISCV_{INT,SHORT} instead of {INT,SHORT} for asm macros
  RISC-V: use generic serial.h
  RISC-V: remove spin_unlock_wait()
  RISC-V: `sfence.vma` orderes the instruction cache
  RISC-V: Add READ_ONCE in arch_spin_is_locked()
  RISC-V: __test_and_op_bit_ord should be strongly ordered
  RISC-V: Remove smb_mb__{before,after}_spinlock()
  RISC-V: Remove __smp_bp__{before,after}_atomic
  RISC-V: Comment on why {,cmp}xchg is ordered how it is