Merge tag 's390-5.3-5' of git://

Pull s390 fixes from Vasily Gorbik:

 - Map vdso also for statically linked binaries like all other

 - Fix no .bss usage compile-time check to account common objects with
   the help of binutils size tool. Top level Makefile change acked-by

 - A fix to make perf happy with _etext symbol type.

 - Fix dump_pagetables which is broken since p*d_offset implementation
   change to comply with mm/gup.c expectations.

 - Revert memory sharing for diag calls in protected virtualization,
   since this is not required after all.

 - Couple of other minor code cleanups.

* tag 's390-5.3-5' of git://
  s390/vdso: map vdso also for statically linked binaries
  s390/build: use size command to perform empty .bss check
  kbuild: add OBJSIZE variable for the size tool
  s390: put _stext and _etext into .text section
  s390/head64: cleanup unused labels
  s390/unwind: remove stack recursion warning
  s390/setup: adjust start_code of init_mm to _text
  s390/mm: fix dump_pagetables top level page table walking
  s390/protvirt: avoid memory sharing for diag 308 set/store