Merge branch 'ipa-fixes'

Alex Elder says:

net: fix net-next

David:	These patches resolve two issues caused by the IPA driver
	being incorporated into net-next.  I hope you will merge
	them as soon as you can.

The IPA driver was merged into net-next last week, but two problems
arise as a result, affecting net-next and linux-next:
  - The patch that defines field_max() was not incorporated into
    net-next, but is required by the IPA code
  - A patch that updates "sdm845.dtsi" *was* incorporated into
    net-next, but other changes to that file in the Qualcomm
    for-next branch lead to errors

Bjorn has agreed to incorporate the DTS file change into the
Qualcomm tree after it is reverted from net-next.

Signed-off-by: David S. Miller <>