Merge tag 'cgroup-for-6.10' of git://

Pull cgroup updates from Tejun Heo:

 - The locking around cpuset hotplug processing has always been a bit of
   mess which was worked around by making hotplug processing
   asynchronous. The asynchronity isn't great and led to other issues.

   We tried to make the behavior synchronous a while ago but that led to
   lockdep splats. Waiman took another stab at cleaning up and making it
   synchronous. The patch has been in -next for well over a month and
   there haven't been any complaints, so fingers crossed.

 - Tracepoints added to help understanding rstat lock contentions.

 - A bunch of minor changes - doc updates, code cleanups and selftests.

* tag 'cgroup-for-6.10' of git:// (24 commits)
  cgroup/rstat: add cgroup_rstat_cpu_lock helpers and tracepoints
  selftests/cgroup: Drop define _GNU_SOURCE
  docs: cgroup-v1: Update page cache removal functions
  selftests/cgroup: fix uninitialized variables in test_zswap.c
  selftests/cgroup: cpu_hogger init: use {} instead of {NULL}
  selftests/cgroup: fix clang warnings: uninitialized fd variable
  selftests/cgroup: fix clang build failures for abs() calls
  cgroup/cpuset: Remove outdated comment in sched_partition_write()
  cgroup/cpuset: Fix incorrect top_cpuset flags
  cgroup/cpuset: Avoid clearing CS_SCHED_LOAD_BALANCE twice
  cgroup/cpuset: Statically initialize more members of top_cpuset
  cgroup: Avoid unnecessary looping in cgroup_no_v1()
  cgroup, legacy_freezer: update comment for freezer_css_offline()
  docs, cgroup: add entries for pids to cgroup-v2.rst
  cgroup: don't call cgroup1_pidlist_destroy_all() for v2
  cgroup_freezer: update comment for freezer_css_online()
  cgroup/rstat: desc member cgrp in cgroup_rstat_flush_release
  cgroup/rstat: add cgroup_rstat_lock helpers and tracepoints
  cgroup/pids: Remove superfluous zeroing
  docs: cgroup-v1: Fix description for css_online