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/* This code runs in userspace. */
#include <asm/vgtod.h>
notrace cycle_t __vsyscall_fn vread_tsc(void)
cycle_t ret;
u64 last;
* Empirically, a fence (of type that depends on the CPU)
* before rdtsc is enough to ensure that rdtsc is ordered
* with respect to loads. The various CPU manuals are unclear
* as to whether rdtsc can be reordered with later loads,
* but no one has ever seen it happen.
ret = (cycle_t)vget_cycles();
last = VVAR(vsyscall_gtod_data).clock.cycle_last;
if (likely(ret >= last))
return ret;
* GCC likes to generate cmov here, but this branch is extremely
* predictable (it's just a funciton of time and the likely is
* very likely) and there's a data dependence, so force GCC
* to generate a branch instead. I don't barrier() because
* we don't actually need a barrier, and if this function
* ever gets inlined it will generate worse code.
asm volatile ("");
return last;