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* Standard Hot Plug Controller Driver
* Copyright (C) 1995,2001 Compaq Computer Corporation
* Copyright (C) 2001 Greg Kroah-Hartman (
* Copyright (C) 2001 IBM
* Copyright (C) 2003-2004 Intel Corporation
* All rights reserved.
* This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
* it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
* the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or (at
* your option) any later version.
* This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but
* WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
* NON INFRINGEMENT. See the GNU General Public License for more
* details.
* You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
* along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
* Foundation, Inc., 675 Mass Ave, Cambridge, MA 02139, USA.
* Send feedback to <>,<>
#ifndef _SHPCHP_H
#define _SHPCHP_H
#include <linux/types.h>
#include <linux/pci.h>
#include <linux/delay.h>
#include <asm/semaphore.h>
#include <asm/io.h>
#include "pci_hotplug.h"
#if !defined(MODULE)
#define MY_NAME "shpchp"
#define MY_NAME THIS_MODULE->name
extern int shpchp_poll_mode;
extern int shpchp_poll_time;
extern int shpchp_debug;
/*#define dbg(format, arg...) do { if (shpchp_debug) printk(KERN_DEBUG "%s: " format, MY_NAME , ## arg); } while (0)*/
#define dbg(format, arg...) do { if (shpchp_debug) printk("%s: " format, MY_NAME , ## arg); } while (0)
#define err(format, arg...) printk(KERN_ERR "%s: " format, MY_NAME , ## arg)
#define info(format, arg...) printk(KERN_INFO "%s: " format, MY_NAME , ## arg)
#define warn(format, arg...) printk(KERN_WARNING "%s: " format, MY_NAME , ## arg)
struct pci_func {
struct pci_func *next;
u8 bus;
u8 device;
u8 function;
u8 is_a_board;
u16 status;
u8 configured;
u8 switch_save;
u8 presence_save;
u8 pwr_save;
u32 base_length[0x06];
u8 base_type[0x06];
u16 reserved2;
u32 config_space[0x20];
struct pci_resource *mem_head;
struct pci_resource *p_mem_head;
struct pci_resource *io_head;
struct pci_resource *bus_head;
struct pci_dev* pci_dev;
#define SLOT_MAGIC 0x67267321
struct slot {
u32 magic;
struct slot *next;
u8 bus;
u8 device;
u32 number;
u8 is_a_board;
u8 configured;
u8 state;
u8 switch_save;
u8 presence_save;
u32 capabilities;
u16 reserved2;
struct timer_list task_event;
u8 hp_slot;
struct controller *ctrl;
struct hpc_ops *hpc_ops;
struct hotplug_slot *hotplug_slot;
struct list_head slot_list;
struct pci_resource {
struct pci_resource * next;
u32 base;
u32 length;
struct event_info {
u32 event_type;
u8 hp_slot;
struct controller {
struct controller *next;
struct semaphore crit_sect; /* critical section semaphore */
void * hpc_ctlr_handle; /* HPC controller handle */
int num_slots; /* Number of slots on ctlr */
int slot_num_inc; /* 1 or -1 */
struct pci_resource *mem_head;
struct pci_resource *p_mem_head;
struct pci_resource *io_head;
struct pci_resource *bus_head;
struct pci_dev *pci_dev;
struct pci_bus *pci_bus;
struct event_info event_queue[10];
struct slot *slot;
struct hpc_ops *hpc_ops;
wait_queue_head_t queue; /* sleep & wake process */
u8 next_event;
u8 seg;
u8 bus;
u8 device;
u8 function;
u8 rev;
u8 slot_device_offset;
u8 add_support;
enum pci_bus_speed speed;
u32 first_slot; /* First physical slot number */
u8 slot_bus; /* Bus where the slots handled by this controller sit */
u8 push_flag;
u16 ctlrcap;
u16 vendor_id;
struct irq_mapping {
u8 barber_pole;
u8 valid_INT;
u8 interrupt[4];
struct resource_lists {
struct pci_resource *mem_head;
struct pci_resource *p_mem_head;
struct pci_resource *io_head;
struct pci_resource *bus_head;
struct irq_mapping *irqs;
/* Define AMD SHPC ID */
#define PCI_DEVICE_ID_AMD_GOLAM_7450 0x7450
#define STATIC_STATE 0
#define PCI_TO_PCI_BRIDGE_CLASS 0x00060400
/* Error messages */
#define INTERLOCK_OPEN 0x00000002
#define ADD_NOT_SUPPORTED 0x00000003
#define CARD_FUNCTIONING 0x00000005
#define ADAPTER_NOT_SAME 0x00000006
#define NO_ADAPTER_PRESENT 0x00000009
#define NOT_ENOUGH_RESOURCES 0x0000000B
#define WRONG_BUS_FREQUENCY 0x0000000D
#define POWER_FAILURE 0x0000000E
#define REMOVE_NOT_SUPPORTED 0x00000003
#define DISABLE_CARD 1
* error Messages
#define msg_initialization_err "Initialization failure, error=%d\n"
#define msg_HPC_rev_error "Unsupported revision of the PCI hot plug controller found.\n"
#define msg_HPC_non_shpc "The PCI hot plug controller is not supported by this driver.\n"
#define msg_HPC_not_supported "This system is not supported by this version of shpcphd mdoule. Upgrade to a newer version of shpchpd\n"
#define msg_unable_to_save "Unable to store PCI hot plug add resource information. This system must be rebooted before adding any PCI devices.\n"
#define msg_button_on "PCI slot #%d - powering on due to button press.\n"
#define msg_button_off "PCI slot #%d - powering off due to button press.\n"
#define msg_button_cancel "PCI slot #%d - action canceled due to button press.\n"
#define msg_button_ignore "PCI slot #%d - button press ignored. (action in progress...)\n"
/* sysfs functions for the hotplug controller info */
extern void shpchp_create_ctrl_files (struct controller *ctrl);
/* controller functions */
extern int shpchprm_find_available_resources(struct controller *ctrl);
extern int shpchp_event_start_thread(void);
extern void shpchp_event_stop_thread(void);
extern struct pci_func *shpchp_slot_create(unsigned char busnumber);
extern struct pci_func *shpchp_slot_find(unsigned char bus, unsigned char device, unsigned char index);
extern int shpchp_enable_slot(struct slot *slot);
extern int shpchp_disable_slot(struct slot *slot);
extern u8 shpchp_handle_attention_button(u8 hp_slot, void *inst_id);
extern u8 shpchp_handle_switch_change(u8 hp_slot, void *inst_id);
extern u8 shpchp_handle_presence_change(u8 hp_slot, void *inst_id);
extern u8 shpchp_handle_power_fault(u8 hp_slot, void *inst_id);
/* resource functions */
extern int shpchp_resource_sort_and_combine(struct pci_resource **head);
/* pci functions */
extern int shpchp_set_irq(u8 bus_num, u8 dev_num, u8 int_pin, u8 irq_num);
/*extern int shpchp_get_bus_dev(struct controller *ctrl, u8 *bus_num, u8 *dev_num, struct slot *slot);*/
extern int shpchp_save_config(struct controller *ctrl, int busnumber, int num_ctlr_slots, int first_device_num);
extern int shpchp_save_used_resources(struct controller *ctrl, struct pci_func * func, int flag);
extern int shpchp_save_slot_config(struct controller *ctrl, struct pci_func * new_slot);
extern void shpchp_destroy_board_resources(struct pci_func * func);
extern int shpchp_return_board_resources(struct pci_func * func, struct resource_lists * resources);
extern void shpchp_destroy_resource_list(struct resource_lists * resources);
extern int shpchp_configure_device(struct controller* ctrl, struct pci_func* func);
extern int shpchp_unconfigure_device(struct pci_func* func);
/* Global variables */
extern struct controller *shpchp_ctrl_list;
extern struct pci_func *shpchp_slot_list[256];
/* These are added to support AMD shpc */
extern u8 shpchp_nic_irq;
extern u8 shpchp_disk_irq;
struct ctrl_reg {
volatile u32 base_offset;
volatile u32 slot_avail1;
volatile u32 slot_avail2;
volatile u32 slot_config;
volatile u16 sec_bus_config;
volatile u8 msi_ctrl;
volatile u8 prog_interface;
volatile u16 cmd;
volatile u16 cmd_status;
volatile u32 intr_loc;
volatile u32 serr_loc;
volatile u32 serr_intr_enable;
volatile u32 slot1;
volatile u32 slot2;
volatile u32 slot3;
volatile u32 slot4;
volatile u32 slot5;
volatile u32 slot6;
volatile u32 slot7;
volatile u32 slot8;
volatile u32 slot9;
volatile u32 slot10;
volatile u32 slot11;
volatile u32 slot12;
} __attribute__ ((packed));
/* offsets to the controller registers based on the above structure layout */
enum ctrl_offsets {
BASE_OFFSET = offsetof(struct ctrl_reg, base_offset),
SLOT_AVAIL1 = offsetof(struct ctrl_reg, slot_avail1),
SLOT_AVAIL2 = offsetof(struct ctrl_reg, slot_avail2),
SLOT_CONFIG = offsetof(struct ctrl_reg, slot_config),
SEC_BUS_CONFIG = offsetof(struct ctrl_reg, sec_bus_config),
MSI_CTRL = offsetof(struct ctrl_reg, msi_ctrl),
PROG_INTERFACE = offsetof(struct ctrl_reg, prog_interface),
CMD = offsetof(struct ctrl_reg, cmd),
CMD_STATUS = offsetof(struct ctrl_reg, cmd_status),
INTR_LOC = offsetof(struct ctrl_reg, intr_loc),
SERR_LOC = offsetof(struct ctrl_reg, serr_loc),
SERR_INTR_ENABLE = offsetof(struct ctrl_reg, serr_intr_enable),
SLOT1 = offsetof(struct ctrl_reg, slot1),
SLOT2 = offsetof(struct ctrl_reg, slot2),
SLOT3 = offsetof(struct ctrl_reg, slot3),
SLOT4 = offsetof(struct ctrl_reg, slot4),
SLOT5 = offsetof(struct ctrl_reg, slot5),
SLOT6 = offsetof(struct ctrl_reg, slot6),
SLOT7 = offsetof(struct ctrl_reg, slot7),
SLOT8 = offsetof(struct ctrl_reg, slot8),
SLOT9 = offsetof(struct ctrl_reg, slot9),
SLOT10 = offsetof(struct ctrl_reg, slot10),
SLOT11 = offsetof(struct ctrl_reg, slot11),
SLOT12 = offsetof(struct ctrl_reg, slot12),
typedef u8(*php_intr_callback_t) (unsigned int change_id, void *instance_id);
struct php_ctlr_state_s {
struct php_ctlr_state_s *pnext;
struct pci_dev *pci_dev;
unsigned int irq;
unsigned long flags; /* spinlock's */
u32 slot_device_offset;
u32 num_slots;
struct timer_list int_poll_timer; /* Added for poll event */
php_intr_callback_t attention_button_callback;
php_intr_callback_t switch_change_callback;
php_intr_callback_t presence_change_callback;
php_intr_callback_t power_fault_callback;
void *callback_instance_id;
void __iomem *creg; /* Ptr to controller register space */
/* Inline functions */
/* Inline functions to check the sanity of a pointer that is passed to us */
static inline int slot_paranoia_check (struct slot *slot, const char *function)
if (!slot) {
dbg("%s - slot == NULL", function);
return -1;
if (slot->magic != SLOT_MAGIC) {
dbg("%s - bad magic number for slot", function);
return -1;
if (!slot->hotplug_slot) {
dbg("%s - slot->hotplug_slot == NULL!", function);
return -1;
return 0;
static inline struct slot *get_slot (struct hotplug_slot *hotplug_slot, const char *function)
struct slot *slot;
if (!hotplug_slot) {
dbg("%s - hotplug_slot == NULL\n", function);
return NULL;
slot = (struct slot *)hotplug_slot->private;
if (slot_paranoia_check (slot, function))
return NULL;
return slot;
static inline struct slot *shpchp_find_slot (struct controller *ctrl, u8 device)
struct slot *p_slot, *tmp_slot = NULL;
if (!ctrl)
return NULL;
p_slot = ctrl->slot;
dbg("p_slot = %p\n", p_slot);
while (p_slot && (p_slot->device != device)) {
tmp_slot = p_slot;
p_slot = p_slot->next;
dbg("In while loop, p_slot = %p\n", p_slot);
if (p_slot == NULL) {
err("ERROR: shpchp_find_slot device=0x%x\n", device);
p_slot = tmp_slot;
return (p_slot);
static inline int wait_for_ctrl_irq (struct controller *ctrl)
DECLARE_WAITQUEUE(wait, current);
int retval = 0;
dbg("%s : start\n",__FUNCTION__);
add_wait_queue(&ctrl->queue, &wait);
if (!shpchp_poll_mode) {
/* Sleep for up to 1 second */
} else {
/* Sleep for up to 2 seconds */
remove_wait_queue(&ctrl->queue, &wait);
if (signal_pending(current))
retval = -EINTR;
dbg("%s : end\n", __FUNCTION__);
return retval;
/* Puts node back in the resource list pointed to by head */
static inline void return_resource(struct pci_resource **head, struct pci_resource *node)
if (!node || !head)
node->next = *head;
*head = node;
#define SLOT_NAME_SIZE 10
static inline void make_slot_name(char *buffer, int buffer_size, struct slot *slot)
snprintf(buffer, buffer_size, "%d", slot->number);
enum php_ctlr_type {
int shpc_init( struct controller *ctrl, struct pci_dev *pdev,
php_intr_callback_t attention_button_callback,
php_intr_callback_t switch_change_callback,
php_intr_callback_t presence_change_callback,
php_intr_callback_t power_fault_callback);
int shpc_get_ctlr_slot_config( struct controller *ctrl,
int *num_ctlr_slots,
int *first_device_num,
int *physical_slot_num,
int *updown,
int *flags);
struct hpc_ops {
int (*power_on_slot ) (struct slot *slot);
int (*slot_enable ) (struct slot *slot);
int (*slot_disable ) (struct slot *slot);
int (*enable_all_slots) (struct slot *slot);
int (*pwr_on_all_slots) (struct slot *slot);
int (*set_bus_speed_mode) (struct slot *slot, enum pci_bus_speed speed);
int (*get_power_status) (struct slot *slot, u8 *status);
int (*get_attention_status) (struct slot *slot, u8 *status);
int (*set_attention_status) (struct slot *slot, u8 status);
int (*get_latch_status) (struct slot *slot, u8 *status);
int (*get_adapter_status) (struct slot *slot, u8 *status);
int (*get_max_bus_speed) (struct slot *slot, enum pci_bus_speed *speed);
int (*get_cur_bus_speed) (struct slot *slot, enum pci_bus_speed *speed);
int (*get_adapter_speed) (struct slot *slot, enum pci_bus_speed *speed);
int (*get_mode1_ECC_cap) (struct slot *slot, u8 *mode);
int (*get_prog_int) (struct slot *slot, u8 *prog_int);
int (*query_power_fault) (struct slot *slot);
void (*green_led_on) (struct slot *slot);
void (*green_led_off) (struct slot *slot);
void (*green_led_blink) (struct slot *slot);
void (*release_ctlr) (struct controller *ctrl);
int (*check_cmd_status) (struct controller *ctrl);
#endif /* _SHPCHP_H */