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#!/usr/bin/env python3
# SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0
# Utilities for printing and coloring output.
# Copyright (C) 2022, Google LLC.
# Author: Daniel Latypov <>
import datetime
import sys
import typing
_RESET = '\033[0;0m'
class Printer:
"""Wraps a file object, providing utilities for coloring output, etc."""
def __init__(self, output: typing.IO[str]):
self._output = output
self._use_color = output.isatty()
def print(self, message: str) -> None:
print(message, file=self._output)
def print_with_timestamp(self, message: str) -> None:
ts ='%H:%M:%S')
self.print(f'[{ts}] {message}')
def _color(self, code: str, text: str) -> str:
if not self._use_color:
return text
return code + text + _RESET
def red(self, text: str) -> str:
return self._color('\033[1;31m', text)
def yellow(self, text: str) -> str:
return self._color('\033[1;33m', text)
def green(self, text: str) -> str:
return self._color('\033[1;32m', text)
def color_len(self) -> int:
"""Returns the length of the color escape codes."""
return len(''))
# Provides a default instance that prints to stdout
stdout = Printer(sys.stdout)