Merge tag 'f2fs-for-5.13-rc1' of git://

Pull f2fs updates from Jaegeuk Kim:
 "In this round, we added a new mount option, "checkpoint_merge", which
  introduces a kernel thread dealing with the f2fs checkpoints. Once we
  start to manage the IO priority along with blk-cgroup, the checkpoint
  operation can be processed in a lower priority under the process
  context. Since the checkpoint holds all the filesystem operations, we
  give a higher priority to the checkpoint thread all the time.

   - introduce gc_merge mount option to introduce a checkpoint thread
   - improve to run discard thread efficiently
   - allow modular compression algorithms
   - expose # of overprivision segments to sysfs
   - expose runtime compression stat to sysfs

  Bug fixes:
   - fix OOB memory access by the node id lookup
   - avoid touching checkpointed data in the checkpoint-disabled mode
   - fix the resizing flow to avoid kernel panic and race conditions
   - fix block allocation issues on pinned files
   - address some swapfile issues
   - fix hugtask problem and kernel panic during atomic write operations
   - don't start checkpoint thread in RO

  And, we've cleaned up some kernel coding style and build warnings. In
  addition, we fixed some minor race conditions and error handling

* tag 'f2fs-for-5.13-rc1' of git:// (48 commits)
  f2fs: drop inplace IO if fs status is abnormal
  f2fs: compress: remove unneed check condition
  f2fs: clean up left deprecated IO trace codes
  f2fs: avoid using native allocate_segment_by_default()
  f2fs: remove unnecessary struct declaration
  f2fs: fix to avoid NULL pointer dereference
  f2fs: avoid duplicated codes for cleanup
  f2fs: document: add description about compressed space handling
  f2fs: clean up build warnings
  f2fs: fix the periodic wakeups of discard thread
  f2fs: fix to avoid accessing invalid fio in f2fs_allocate_data_block()
  f2fs: fix to avoid GC/mmap race with f2fs_truncate()
  f2fs: set checkpoint_merge by default
  f2fs: Fix a hungtask problem in atomic write
  f2fs: fix to restrict mount condition on readonly block device
  f2fs: introduce gc_merge mount option
  f2fs: fix to cover __allocate_new_section() with curseg_lock
  f2fs: fix wrong alloc_type in f2fs_do_replace_block
  f2fs: delete empty compress.h
  f2fs: fix a typo in inode.c