Merge tag 'arm-ffa-5.14' of git:// into v5.13/ffa

Arm Firmware Framework for ARMv8-A(FFA) interface driver

The Arm FFA specification describes a software architecture to
leverages the virtualization extension to isolate software images
provided by an ecosystem of vendors from each other and describes
interfaces that standardize communication between the various software
images including communication between images in the Secure world and
Normal world. Any Hypervisor could use the FFA interfaces to enable
communication between VMs it manages.

The Hypervisor a.k.a Partition managers in FFA terminology can assign
system resources(Memory regions, Devices, CPU cycles) to the partitions
and manage isolation amongst them.

This is the initial and minimal support for the FFA interface to enable
communication between secure partitions and the normal world OS.

* tag 'arm-ffa-5.14' of git://
  firmware: arm_ffa: Add support for MEM_* interfaces
  firmware: arm_ffa: Setup in-kernel users of FFA partitions
  firmware: arm_ffa: Add support for SMCCC as transport to FFA driver
  firmware: arm_ffa: Add initial Arm FFA driver support
  firmware: arm_ffa: Add initial FFA bus support for device enumeration
  arm64: smccc: Add support for SMCCCv1.2 extended input/output registers