Merge tag 'powerpc-5.2-2' of git://

Pull powerpc fixes from Michael Ellerman:
 "One fix going back to stable, for a bug on 32-bit introduced when we
  added support for THREAD_INFO_IN_TASK.

  A fix for a typo in a recent rework of our hugetlb code that leads to
  crashes on 64-bit when using hugetlbfs with a 4K PAGE_SIZE.

  Two fixes for our recent rework of the address layout on 64-bit hash
  CPUs, both only triggered when userspace tries to access addresses
  outside the user or kernel address ranges.

  Finally a fix for a recently introduced double free in an error path
  in our cacheinfo code.

  Thanks to: Aneesh Kumar K.V, Christophe Leroy, Sachin Sant, Tobin C.

* tag 'powerpc-5.2-2' of git://
  powerpc/cacheinfo: Remove double free
  powerpc/mm/hash: Fix get_region_id() for invalid addresses
  powerpc/mm: Drop VM_BUG_ON in get_region_id()
  powerpc/mm: Fix crashes with hugepages & 4K pages
  powerpc/32s: fix flush_hash_pages() on SMP