Merge tag 'x86_entry_for_5.8' of git://

Pull x86 entry fixes from Borislav Petkov:
 "This is the x86/entry urgent pile which has accumulated since the
  merge window.

  It is not the smallest but considering the almost complete entry core
  rewrite, the amount of fixes to follow is somewhat higher than usual,
  which is to be expected.

  Peter Zijlstra says:
   'These patches address a number of instrumentation issues that were
    found after the x86/entry overhaul. When combined with rcu/urgent
    and objtool/urgent, these patches make UBSAN/KASAN/KCSAN happy

    Part of making this all work is bumping the minimum GCC version for
    KASAN builds to gcc-8.3, the reason for this is that the
    __no_sanitize_address function attribute is broken in GCC releases
    before that.

    No known GCC version has a working __no_sanitize_undefined, however
    because the only noinstr violation that results from this happens
    when an UB is found, we treat it like WARN. That is, we allow it to
    violate the noinstr rules in order to get the warning out'"

* tag 'x86_entry_for_5.8' of git://
  x86/entry: Fix #UD vs WARN more
  x86/entry: Increase entry_stack size to a full page
  x86/entry: Fixup bad_iret vs noinstr
  objtool: Don't consider vmlinux a C-file
  kasan: Fix required compiler version
  compiler_attributes.h: Support no_sanitize_undefined check with GCC 4
  x86/entry, bug: Comment the instrumentation_begin() usage for WARN()
  x86/entry, ubsan, objtool: Whitelist __ubsan_handle_*()
  x86/entry, cpumask: Provide non-instrumented variant of cpu_is_offline()
  compiler_types.h: Add __no_sanitize_{address,undefined} to noinstr
  kasan: Bump required compiler version
  x86, kcsan: Add __no_kcsan to noinstr
  kcsan: Remove __no_kcsan_or_inline
  x86, kcsan: Remove __no_kcsan_or_inline usage