Merge tag 'arm-fixes-5.8-1' of git://

Pull ARM SoC fixes from Arnd Bergmann:
 "Here are a couple of bug fixes, mostly for devicetree files

  NXP i.MX:
   - Use correct voltage on some i.MX8M board device trees to avoid
     hardware damage
   - Code fixes for a compiler warning and incorrect reference counting,
     both harmless.
   - Fix the i.MX8M SoC driver to correctly identify imx8mp
   - Fix watchdog configuration in imx6ul-kontron device tree.

   - A small regression fix for the Raspberry-Pi firmware driver
   - A Kconfig change to use the correct timer driver on Northstar
   - A DT fix for the Luxul XWC-2000 machine
   - Two more DT fixes for NSP SoCs

  STmicroelectronics STI
   - Revert one broken patch for L2 cache configuration

  ARM Versatile Express:
   - Fix a regression by reverting a broken DT cleanup

  TEE drivers:
   - MAINTAINERS: change tee mailing list"

* tag 'arm-fixes-5.8-1' of git://
  Revert "ARM: sti: Implement dummy L2 cache's write_sec"
  soc: imx8m: fix build warning
  ARM: imx6: add missing put_device() call in imx6q_suspend_init()
  ARM: imx5: add missing put_device() call in imx_suspend_alloc_ocram()
  soc: imx8m: Correct i.MX8MP UID fuse offset
  ARM: dts: imx6ul-kontron: Change WDOG_ANY signal from push-pull to open-drain
  ARM: dts: imx6ul-kontron: Move watchdog from Kontron i.MX6UL/ULL board to SoM
  arm64: dts: imx8mm-beacon: Fix voltages on LDO1 and LDO2
  arm64: dts: imx8mn-ddr4-evk: correct ldo1/ldo2 voltage range
  arm64: dts: imx8mm-evk: correct ldo1/ldo2 voltage range
  ARM: dts: NSP: Correct FA2 mailbox node
  ARM: bcm2835: Fix integer overflow in rpi_firmware_print_firmware_revision()
  MAINTAINERS: change tee mailing list
  ARM: dts: NSP: Disable PL330 by default, add dma-coherent property
  ARM: bcm: Select ARM_TIMER_SP804 for ARCH_BCM_NSP
  ARM: dts: BCM5301X: Add missing memory "device_type" for Luxul XWC-2000
  arm: dts: vexpress: Move mcc node back into motherboard node