- Convert tsens configuration DT binding to yaml (Rajeshwari)

- Add interrupt support on the rcar sensor (Niklas Söderlund)

- Add a new Spreadtrum thermal driver (Baolin Wang)

- Add thermal binding for the fsl scu board, a new API to retrieve the
  sensor id bound to the thermal zone and i.MX system controller
  sensor (Anson Huang))

- Remove warning log when a deferred probe is requested on Exynos
  (Marek Szyprowski)

- Add the thermal monitoring unit support for imx8mm with its DT
  bindings (Anson Huang)

- Rephrase the Kconfig text for clarity (Linus Walleij)

- Use the gpio descriptor for the ti-soc-thermal (Linus Walleij)

- Align msg structure to 4 bytes for i.MX SC, fix the Kconfig
  dependency, add the __may_be unused annotation for PM functions and
  the COMPILE_TEST option for imx8mm (Anson Huang)

- Fix a dependency on regmap in Kconfig for qoriq (Yuantian Tang)

- Add DT binding and support for the rcar gen3 r8a77961 and improve
  the error path on the rcar init function (Niklas Söderlund)

- Cleanup and improvements for the tsens Qcom sensor (Amit Kucheria)

- Improve code by removing lock and caching values in the rcar thermal
  sensor (Niklas Söderlund)

- Cleanup in the qoriq drivers and add a call to
  imx_thermal_unregister_legacy_cooling in the removal function (Anson

- Remove redundant 'maxItems' in tsens and sprd DT bindings (Rob Herring)

- Change the thermal DT bindings by making the cooling-maps optional
  (Yuantian Tang)

- Add Tiger Lake support (Sumeet Pawnikar)

- Use scnprintf() for avoiding potential buffer overflow (Takashi Iwai)

- Make pkg_temp_lock a raw_spinlock_t(Clark Williams)

- Fix incorrect data types by changing them to signed on i.MX SC (Anson Huang)

- Replace zero-length array with flexible-array member (Gustavo A. R. Silva)

- Add support for i.MX8MP in the driver and in the DT bindings (Anson Huang)

- Fix return value of the cpufreq_set_cur_state() function (Willy Wolff)

- Remove abusing and scary WARN_ON in the cpufreq cooling device
  (Daniel Lezcano)

- Fix build warning of incorrect argument type reported by sparse on
  imx8mm (Anson Huang)

- Fix stub for the devfreq cooling device (Martin Blumenstingl)

- Fix cpu idle cooling documentation (Sergey Vidishev)

Documentation: cpu-idle-cooling: Fix diagram for 33% duty cycle

Signed-off-by: Sergey Vidishev <sergeyv@yandex-team.ru>
Signed-off-by: Daniel Lezcano <daniel.lezcano@linaro.org>
Link: https://lore.kernel.org/r/2374188.AZIXMmL6Zy@sergeyv-box
1 file changed