Merge branch 'build' into release

* build:
  global makefile: handle include/uapi/sound redirection properly
  Refreshed pci/hda/hda_intel.patch and usb/caiaq/device.patch
  Buil snd-usb-usx2y on >= 2.6.24 only
  Avoid use of timecounter for old kernels in hda_intel.c
  Refresh usb/stream.patch
  Add missing wrappers of flush_delayed_work() and flush_work() for older kernels
  Refresh pcm_native.patch
  Add $KERNEL/include/uapi to include path
  Refresh include/sound/core.patch
  Refresh usb/endpoint.patch
  Update usb/card.patch
  Update emu10k1_main.patch
  Build snd-scs1x only on 2.6.39 and later kernels
  Add a build stub for snd-scs1x driver
  Refresh include/sound/pcm.patch
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