Merge tag 'for-6.10/dm-changes' of git://

Pull device mapper updates from Mike Snitzer:

 - Add a dm-crypt optional "high_priority" flag that enables the crypt
   workqueues to use WQ_HIGHPRI.

 - Export dm-crypt workqueues via sysfs (by enabling WQ_SYSFS) to allow
   for improved visibility and controls over IO and crypt workqueues.

 - Fix dm-crypt to no longer constrain max_segment_size to PAGE_SIZE.
   This limit isn't needed given that the block core provides late bio
   splitting if bio exceeds underlying limits (e.g. max_segment_size).

 - Fix dm-crypt crypt_queue's use of WQ_UNBOUND to not use
   WQ_CPU_INTENSIVE because it is meaningless with WQ_UNBOUND.

 - Fix various issues with dm-delay target (ranging from a resource
   teardown fix, a fix for hung task when using kthread mode, and other
   improvements that followed from code inspection).

* tag 'for-6.10/dm-changes' of git://
  dm-delay: remove timer_lock
  dm-delay: change locking to avoid contention
  dm-delay: fix max_delay calculations
  dm-delay: fix hung task introduced by kthread mode
  dm-delay: fix workqueue delay_timer race
  dm-crypt: don't set WQ_CPU_INTENSIVE for WQ_UNBOUND crypt_queue
  dm: use queue_limits_set
  dm-crypt: stop constraining max_segment_size to PAGE_SIZE
  dm-crypt: export sysfs of all workqueues
  dm-crypt: add the optional "high_priority" flag