Merge tag 'pull-fixes.pathwalk-rcu-2' of git://

Pull RCU pathwalk fixes from Al Viro:
 "We still have some races in filesystem methods when exposed to RCU
  pathwalk. This series is a result of code audit (the second round of
  it) and it should deal with most of that stuff.

  Still pending: ntfs3 ->d_hash()/->d_compare() and ceph_d_revalidate().
  Up to maintainers (a note for NTFS folks - when documentation says
  that a method may not block, it *does* imply that blocking allocations
  are to be avoided. Really)"

[ More explanations for people who aren't familiar with the vagaries of
  RCU path walking: most of it is hidden from filesystems, but if a
  filesystem actively participates in the low-level path walking it
  needs to make sure the fields involved in that walk are RCU-safe.

  That "actively participate in low-level path walking" includes things
  like having its own ->d_hash()/->d_compare() routines, or by having
  its own directory permission function that doesn't just use the common
  helpers.  Having a ->d_revalidate() function will also have this issue.

  Note that instead of making everything RCU safe you can also choose to
  abort the RCU pathwalk if your operation cannot be done safely under
  RCU, but that obviously comes with a performance penalty. One common
  pattern is to allow the simple cases under RCU, and abort only if you
  need to do something more complicated.

  So not everything needs to be RCU-safe, and things like the inode etc
  that the VFS itself maintains obviously already are. But these fixes
  tend to be about properly RCU-delaying things like ->s_fs_info that
  are maintained by the filesystem and that got potentially released too
  early.   - Linus ]

* tag 'pull-fixes.pathwalk-rcu-2' of git://
  ext4_get_link(): fix breakage in RCU mode
  cifs_get_link(): bail out in unsafe case
  fuse: fix UAF in rcu pathwalks
  procfs: make freeing proc_fs_info rcu-delayed
  procfs: move dropping pde and pid from ->evict_inode() to ->free_inode()
  nfs: fix UAF on pathwalk running into umount
  nfs: make nfs_set_verifier() safe for use in RCU pathwalk
  afs: fix __afs_break_callback() / afs_drop_open_mmap() race
  hfsplus: switch to rcu-delayed unloading of nls and freeing ->s_fs_info
  exfat: move freeing sbi, upcase table and dropping nls into rcu-delayed helper
  affs: free affs_sb_info with kfree_rcu()
  rcu pathwalk: prevent bogus hard errors from may_lookup()
  fs/super.c: don't drop ->s_user_ns until we free struct super_block itself