Merge tag 'usb-6.8-rc6' of git://

Pull USB fixes from Greg KH:
 "Here are some small USB fixes for 6.8-rc6 to resolve some reported
  problems. These include:

   - regression fixes with typec tpcm code as reported by many

   - cdnsp and cdns3 driver fixes

   - usb role setting code bugfixes

   - build fix for uhci driver

   - ncm gadget driver bugfix

   - MAINTAINERS entry update

  All of these have been in linux-next all week with no reported issues
  and there is at least one fix in here that is in Thorsten's regression
  list that is being tracked"

* tag 'usb-6.8-rc6' of git://
  usb: typec: tpcm: Fix issues with power being removed during reset
  MAINTAINERS: Drop myself as maintainer of TYPEC port controller drivers
  usb: gadget: ncm: Avoid dropping datagrams of properly parsed NTBs
  Revert "usb: typec: tcpm: reset counter when enter into unattached state after try role"
  usb: gadget: omap_udc: fix USB gadget regression on Palm TE
  usb: dwc3: gadget: Don't disconnect if not started
  usb: cdns3: fix memory double free when handle zero packet
  usb: cdns3: fixed memory use after free at cdns3_gadget_ep_disable()
  usb: roles: don't get/set_role() when usb_role_switch is unregistered
  usb: roles: fix NULL pointer issue when put module's reference
  usb: cdnsp: fixed issue with incorrect detecting CDNSP family controllers
  usb: cdnsp: blocked some cdns3 specific code
  usb: uhci-grlib: Explicitly include linux/platform_device.h