Merge tag 'bcachefs-2024-02-25' of

Pull bcachefs fixes from Kent Overstreet:
 "Some more mostly boring fixes, but some not

  User reported ones:

   - the BTREE_ITER_FILTER_SNAPSHOTS one fixes a really nasty
     performance bug; user reported an untar initially taking two
     seconds and then ~2 minutes

   - kill a __GFP_NOFAIL in the buffered read path; this was a leftover
     from the trickier fix to kill __GFP_NOFAIL in readahead, where we
     can't return errors (and have to silently truncate the read

     bcachefs can't use GFP_NOFAIL for folio state unlike iomap based
     filesystems because our folio state is just barely too big, 2MB
     hugepages cause us to exceed the 2 page threshhold for GFP_NOFAIL.

     additionally, the flags argument was just buggy, we weren't
     supplying GFP_KERNEL previously (!)"

* tag 'bcachefs-2024-02-25' of
  bcachefs: fix bch2_save_backtrace()
  bcachefs: Fix check_snapshot() memcpy
  bcachefs: Fix bch2_journal_flush_device_pins()
  bcachefs: fix iov_iter count underflow on sub-block dio read
  bcachefs: Fix BTREE_ITER_FILTER_SNAPSHOTS on inodes btree
  bcachefs: Kill __GFP_NOFAIL in buffered read path
  bcachefs: fix backpointer_to_text() when dev does not exist