Merge tag 'pm+acpi-3.10-rc5' of git://

Pull power management and ACPI fixes from Rafael J Wysocki:

 - Fix for an ACPI PM regression causing Toshiba P870-303 to crash
   during boot from Rafael J Wysocki.

 - ACPI fix for an issue causing some drivers to attempt to bind to
   devices they shouldn't touch from Aaron Lu.

 - Fix for a recent cpufreq regression related to a possible race with
   CPU offline from Michael Wang.

 - ACPI cpufreq regression fix for an issue causing turbo frequencies to
   be underutilized in some cases from Ross Lagerwall.

 - cpufreq-cpu0 driver fix related to incorrect clock ACPI usage from
   Guennadi Liakhovetski.

 - HP WMI driver fix for an issue causing GPS initialization and
   poweroff failures on HP Elitebook 6930p from Lan Tianyu.

 - APEI (ACPI Platform Error Interface) fix for an issue in the error
   code path in ghes_probe() from Wei Yongjun.

 - New ACPI video driver blacklist entries for HP m4 and HP Pavilion g6
   from Alex Hung and Ash Willis.

* tag 'pm+acpi-3.10-rc5' of git://
  ACPI / PM: Do not execute _PS0 for devices without _PSC during initialization
  cpufreq: cpufreq-cpu0: use the exact frequency for clk_set_rate()
  cpufreq: protect 'policy->cpus' from offlining during __gov_queue_work()
  ACPI / scan: do not match drivers against objects having scan handlers
  ACPI / APEI: fix error return code in ghes_probe()
  acpi-cpufreq: set current frequency based on target P-State
  ACPI / video: ignore BIOS initial backlight value for HP Pavilion g6
  ACPI / video: ignore BIOS initial backlight value for HP m4
  x86 / platform / hp_wmi: Fix bluetooth_rfkill misuse in hp_wmi_rfkill_setup()