Merge tag 'ext4_for_linus' of git://

Pull ext4 updates from Ted Ts'o:
 "The siginificant new ext4 feature this time around is Harshad's new
  fast_commit mode.

  In addition, thanks to Mauricio for fixing a race where mmap'ed pages
  that are being changed in parallel with a data=journal transaction
  commit could result in bad checksums in the failure that could cause
  journal replays to fail.

  Also notable is Ritesh's buffered write optimization which can result
  in significant improvements on parallel write workloads. (The kernel
  test robot reported a 330.6% improvement on fio.write_iops on a 96
  core system using DAX)

  Besides that, we have the usual miscellaneous cleanups and bug fixes"


* tag 'ext4_for_linus' of git:// (46 commits)
  ext4: fix invalid inode checksum
  ext4: add fast commit stats in procfs
  ext4: add a mount opt to forcefully turn fast commits on
  ext4: fast commit recovery path
  jbd2: fast commit recovery path
  ext4: main fast-commit commit path
  jbd2: add fast commit machinery
  ext4 / jbd2: add fast commit initialization
  ext4: add fast_commit feature and handling for extended mount options
  doc: update ext4 and journalling docs to include fast commit feature
  ext4: Detect already used quota file early
  jbd2: avoid transaction reuse after reformatting
  ext4: use the normal helper to get the actual inode
  ext4: fix bs < ps issue reported with dioread_nolock mount opt
  ext4: data=journal: write-protect pages on j_submit_inode_data_buffers()
  ext4: data=journal: fixes for ext4_page_mkwrite()
  jbd2, ext4, ocfs2: introduce/use journal callbacks j_submit|finish_inode_data_buffers()
  jbd2: introduce/export functions jbd2_journal_submit|finish_inode_data_buffers()
  ext4: introduce ext4_sb_bread_unmovable() to replace sb_bread_unmovable()
  ext4: use ext4_sb_bread() instead of sb_bread()