Merge tag 'clk-fixes-for-linus' of git://

Pull clk fixes from Stephen Boyd:
 "Here's more than a handful of clk driver fixes for changes that came
  in during the merge window:

   - Fix the AT91 sama5d2 programmable clk prescaler formula

   - A bunch of Amlogic meson clk driver fixes for the VPU clks

   - A DMI quirk for Intel's Bay Trail SoC's driver to properly mark pmc
     clks as critical only when really needed

   - Stop overwriting CLK_SET_RATE_PARENT flag in mediatek's clk gate

   - Use the right structure to test for a frequency table in i.MX's
     PLL_1416x driver"

* tag 'clk-fixes-for-linus' of git://
  clk: imx: Fix PLL_1416X not rounding rates
  clk: mediatek: fix clk-gate flag setting
  platform/x86: pmc_atom: Drop __initconst on dmi table
  clk: x86: Add system specific quirk to mark clocks as critical
  clk: meson: vid-pll-div: remove warning and return 0 on invalid config
  clk: meson: pll: fix rounding and setting a rate that matches precisely
  clk: meson-g12a: fix VPU clock parents
  clk: meson: g12a: fix VPU clock muxes mask
  clk: meson-gxbb: round the vdec dividers to closest
  clk: at91: fix programmable clock for sama5d2