AFS: Fix kafs module unloading

At present, it is not possible to successfully unload the kafs module if there
are outstanding async outgoing calls (those made with afs_make_call()).  This
appears to be due to the changes introduced by:

	commit 059499453a9abd1857d442b44da8b4c126dc72a8
	Author: Tejun Heo <>
	Date:   Fri Mar 7 10:24:50 2014 -0500
	Subject: afs: don't use PREPARE_WORK

which didn't go far enough.  The problem is due to:

 (1) The aforementioned commit introduced a separate handler function pointer
     in the call, call->async_workfn, in addition to the original workqueue
     item, call->async_work, for asynchronous operations because workqueues
     subsystem cannot handle the workqueue item pointer being changed whilst
     the item is queued or being processed.

 (2) afs_async_workfn() was introduced in that commit to be the callback for
     call->async_work.  Its sole purpose is to run whatever call->async_workfn
     points to.

 (3) call->async_workfn is only used from afs_async_workfn(), which is only
     set on async_work by afs_collect_incoming_call() - ie. for incoming

 (4) call->async_workfn is *not* set by afs_make_call() when outgoing calls are
     made, and call->async_work is set afs_process_async_call() - and not

 (5) afs_process_async_call() now changes call->async_workfn rather than
     call->async_work to point to afs_delete_async_call() to clean up, but this
     is only effective for incoming calls because call->async_work does not
     point to afs_async_workfn() for outgoing calls.

 (6) Because, for incoming calls, call->async_work remains pointing to
     afs_process_async_call() this results in an infinite loop.

Instead, make the workqueue uniformly vector through call->async_workfn, via
afs_async_workfn() and simply initialise call->async_workfn to point to
afs_process_async_call() in afs_make_call().

Signed-off-by: Nathaniel Wesley Filardo <>
Signed-off-by: David Howells <>
Reviewed-by: Tejun Heo <>
1 file changed