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/* linux/drivers/video/exynos_mipi_dsi_common.h
* Header file for Samsung SoC MIPI-DSI common driver.
* Copyright (c) 2012 Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd
* InKi Dae <>
* Donghwa Lee <>
* This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
* it under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2 as
* published by the Free Software Foundation.
static DECLARE_COMPLETION(dsim_rd_comp);
static DECLARE_COMPLETION(dsim_wr_comp);
int exynos_mipi_dsi_wr_data(struct mipi_dsim_device *dsim, unsigned int data_id,
const unsigned char *data0, unsigned int data_size);
int exynos_mipi_dsi_rd_data(struct mipi_dsim_device *dsim, unsigned int data_id,
unsigned int data0, unsigned int req_size, u8 *rx_buf);
irqreturn_t exynos_mipi_dsi_interrupt_handler(int irq, void *dev_id);
void exynos_mipi_dsi_init_interrupt(struct mipi_dsim_device *dsim);
int exynos_mipi_dsi_init_dsim(struct mipi_dsim_device *dsim);
void exynos_mipi_dsi_stand_by(struct mipi_dsim_device *dsim,
unsigned int enable);
int exynos_mipi_dsi_set_display_mode(struct mipi_dsim_device *dsim,
struct mipi_dsim_config *dsim_info);
int exynos_mipi_dsi_init_link(struct mipi_dsim_device *dsim);
int exynos_mipi_dsi_set_hs_enable(struct mipi_dsim_device *dsim);
int exynos_mipi_dsi_set_data_transfer_mode(struct mipi_dsim_device *dsim,
unsigned int mode);
int exynos_mipi_dsi_enable_frame_done_int(struct mipi_dsim_device *dsim,
unsigned int enable);
int exynos_mipi_dsi_get_frame_done_status(struct mipi_dsim_device *dsim);
int exynos_mipi_dsi_clear_frame_done(struct mipi_dsim_device *dsim);
extern struct fb_info *registered_fb[FB_MAX] __read_mostly;
int exynos_mipi_dsi_fifo_clear(struct mipi_dsim_device *dsim,
unsigned int val);