Merge tag 'sound-3.16-rc2' of git://

Pull sound fixes from Takashi Iwai:
 "The significant part here is a few security fixes for ALSA core
  control API by Lars.  Besides that, there are a few fixes for ASoC
  sigmadsp (again by Lars) for building properly, and small fixes for
  ASoC rsnd, MMP, PXA and FSL, in addition to a fix for bogus WARNING in
  i915/HD-audio binding"

* tag 'sound-3.16-rc2' of git://
  ALSA: control: Make sure that id->index does not overflow
  ALSA: control: Handle numid overflow
  ALSA: control: Don't access controls outside of protected regions
  ALSA: control: Fix replacing user controls
  ALSA: control: Protect user controls against concurrent access
  drm/i915, HD-audio: Don't continue probing when nomodeset is given
  ASoC: fsl: Fix build problem
  ASoC: rsnd: fixup index of src/dst mod when capture
  ASoC: fsl_spdif: Fix integer overflow when calculating divisors
  ASoC: fsl_spdif: Fix incorrect usage of regmap_read()
  ASoC: dapm: Make sure register value is in sync with DAPM kcontrol state
  ASoC: sigmadsp: Split regmap and I2C support into separate modules
  ASoC: MMP audio needs sram support
  ASoC: pxa: add I2C dependencies as needed