Merge branch 'afs' of git://

Pull AFS fixes and cleanups from David Howells:
 "Here are some patches to the AFS filesystem:

  1) Fix problems in the clean-up parts of the cache manager service

  2) Split afs_end_call() introduced in (1) and replace some identical
     code elsewhere with a call to the first half of the split function.

  3) Fix an error introduced in the workqueue PREPARE_WORK() elimination

  4) Clean up argument passing to functions called from the workqueue as
     there's now an insulating layer between them and the workqueue.
     This is possible from (3)"

* 'afs' of git://
  AFS: Pass an afs_call* to call->async_workfn() instead of a work_struct*
  AFS: Fix kafs module unloading
  AFS: Part of afs_end_call() is identical to code elsewhere, so split it
  AFS: Fix cache manager service handlers