Merge tag 'for-linus' of git://

Pull UniCore32 bug fixes from Guan Xuetao:
 "This includes bugfixes to make unicore32 successfully build under
  defconfig, and some changes for allmodconfig (though not finished)"

* tag 'for-linus' of git://
  unicore32: Remove ARCH_HAS_CPUFREQ config option
  UniCore32: Change git tree location information in MAINTAINERS
  arch: unicore32: ksyms: export '__cpuc_coherent_kern_range' to avoid compiling failure
  arch: unicore32: ksyms: export 'pm_power_off' to avoid compiling failure.
  arch: unicore32: ksyms: export additional find_first_*() to avoid compiling failure
  arch:unicore32:mm: add devmem_is_allowed() to support STRICT_DEVMEM
  unicore32: include: asm: add missing ')' for PAGE_* macros in pgtable.h
  arch/unicore32/kernel/setup.c: add generic 'screen_info' to avoid compiling failure
  drivers: scsi: mvsas: fix compiling issue by adding 'MVS_' for "enum pci_interrupt_cause"
  arch: unicore32: kernel: ksyms: remove 'bswapsi2' and 'muldi3' to avoid compiling failure
  arch/unicore32/kernel/ksyms.c: remove 2 export symbols to avoid compiling failure
  drivers/rtc/rtc-puv3.c: remove "&dev->" for typo issue MIME-Version: 1.0
  drivers/rtc/rtc-puv3.c: use dev_dbg() instead of dev_debug() for typo issue
  arch/unicore32/include/asm/io.h: add readl_relaxed() generic definition
  arch/unicore32/include/asm/ptrace.h: add generic definition for profile_pc()
  arch/unicore32/mm/alignment.c: include "asm/pgtable.h" to avoid compiling error
  arch/unicore32/kernel/clock.c: add readl() and writel() for 'PM_' macros
  arch/unicore32/kernel/module.c: use __vmalloc_node_range() instead of __vmalloc_area()
  arch/unicore32/kernel/ksyms.c: remove several undefined exported symbols