Merge tag 'chrome-platform-4.4' of git://

Pull chrome platform updates from Olof Johansson:
 "Here's the branch of chrome platform changes for v4.4.  Some have been
  queued up for the full 4.3 release cycle since I forgot to send them
  in for that round (rebased early on to deal with fixes conflicts).

  Most of these enable EC communication stuff -- Pixel 2015 support,
  enabling building for ARM64 platforms, and a few fixes for memory

  There's also a patch in here to allow reading/writing the verified
  boot context, which depends on a sysfs patch acked by Greg"

* tag 'chrome-platform-4.4' of git://
  platform/chrome: Fix i2c-designware adapter name
  platform/chrome: Support reading/writing the vboot context
  sysfs: Support is_visible() on binary attributes
  platform/chrome: cros_ec: Fix possible leak in led_rgb_store()
  platform/chrome: cros_ec: Fix leak in sequence_store()
  platform/chrome: Enable Chrome platforms on 64-bit ARM
  platform/chrome: cros_ec_dev - Add a platform device ID table
  platform/chrome: cros_ec_lpc - Add support for Google Pixel 2
  platform/chrome: cros_ec_lpc - Use existing function to check EC result
  platform/chrome: Make depends on MFD_CROS_EC instead CROS_EC_PROTO
  Revert "platform/chrome: Don't make CHROME_PLATFORMS depends on X86 || ARM"