ARM cpufreq updates for 6.10

- Sun50i: Add support for opp_supported_hw, H616 platform and general
  cleaups (Andre Przywara, Martin Botka, Brandon Cheo Fusi, Dan
  Carpenter, and Viresh Kumar).

- cppc: Fix possible null pointer dereference (Aleksandr Mishin).

- Eliminate uses of of_node_put() (Javier Carrasco, and Shivani Gupta).

- brcmstb-avs: ISO C90 forbids mixed declarations (Portia Stephens).

- mediatek: Add support for MT7988A (Sam Shih).

- cpufreq-qcom-hw: Add SM4450 compatibles in DT bindings (Tengfei Fan).
dt-bindings: cpufreq: cpufreq-qcom-hw: Add SM4450 compatibles

Add compatible for EPSS CPUFREQ-HW on SM4450.

Signed-off-by: Tengfei Fan <>
Reviewed-by: Bjorn Andersson <>
Acked-by: Rob Herring (Arm) <>
Signed-off-by: Viresh Kumar <>
1 file changed