Merge branch 'parisc-3.13' of git://

Pull parisc fixes from Helge Deller:
 - revert an access_ok() patch which broke 32bit userspace on 64bit
 - avoid a gcc miscompilation in two internal pa_memcpy() functions by
   not inlining those
 - do not export the definition of SOCK_NONBLOCK via uapi header (fixes
   build of audit package)
 - depending on the fault type we now correctly report either SIGBUS or
 - a small fix to not compare a size_t variable for < 0

* 'parisc-3.13' of git://
  parisc: size_t is unsigned, so comparison size < 0 doesn't make sense.
  parisc: improve SIGBUS/SIGSEGV error reporting
  parisc: break out SOCK_NONBLOCK define to own asm header file
  parisc: do not inline pa_memcpy() internal functions
  Revert "parisc: implement full version of access_ok()"