Add a tiering specific README document to the toplevel

Add a README that details setup steps and notes for running and evaluating
the tiering specific features present in this branch.

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+0. Introduction
+This document describes the software setup steps and usage hints that can be
+helpful in setting up a system to use tiered memory for evaluation.
+The document will go over:
+1. Any kernel config options required to enable the tiered memory features
+2. Any additional userspace tooling required, and related instructions
+3. Any post-boot setup for configurable or tunable knobs
+Any instructions/settings described here may be tailored to the branch this
+is under. Setup steps may change from release to release, and for each
+release branch, the setup document accompanying that branch should be
+1. Kernel build and configuration
+a. The recommended starting point is a distro-default kernel config. We
+   use and recommend using a recent Fedora config for a starting point.
+b. Ensure the following:
+2. Tooling setup
+a. Install 'ndctl' and 'daxctl' from your distro, or from upstream:
+   This may especially be required if the distro version of daxctl
+   is not new enough to support the daxctl reconfigure-device command[1]
+   [1]:
+b. Assuming that persistent memory devices are the next demotion tier
+   for system memory, perform the following steps to allow a pmem device
+   to be hot-plugged system RAM:
+   First, convert 'fsdax' namespace(s) to 'devdax':
+     ndctl create-namespace -fe namespaceX.Y -m devdax
+c. Reconfigure 'daxctl' devices to system-ram using the kmem facility:
+     daxctl reconfigure-device -m system-ram daxX.Y.
+   The JSON emitted at this step contains the 'target_node' for this
+   hotplugged memory. This is the memory-only NUMA node where this
+   memory appears, and can be used explicitly with normal libnuma/numactl
+   techniques.
+d. Ensure the newly created NUMA nodes for the hotplugged memory are in
+   ZONE_MOVABLE. The JSON from daxctl in the above step should indicate
+   this with a 'movable: true' attribute. Based on the distribution, there
+   may be udev rules that interfere with memory onlining. They may race to
+   online memory into ZONE_NORMAL rather than movable. If this is the case,
+   find and disable any such udev rules.
+3. Post boot setup
+a. Setup migration targets
+    # echo 2 > /sys/devices/system/node/node0/migration_path
+    # echo 3 > /sys/devices/system/node/node1/migration_path
+   etc.
+   The number of nodes this will need to be performed for depends
+   on CPU nodes in the system, and CPU-less nodes added in the previous step.
+   In this example, The hotplugged pmem physically attached to node0 is node2,
+   so the demotion path is node0 -> node2
+b. Enable 'autonuma'
+    # echo 2 > /proc/sys/kernel/numa_balancing
+    # echo 30 > /proc/sys/kernel/numa_balancing_rate_limit_mbps
+c. Enable swapcache promotion
+   This is only valid when swap is turned on. When the option is enabled, it
+   will migrate the hot swapcache page to fast DRAM node when possible.
+    # sysctl -w vm.enable_swapcache_promotion=1
+   The promoted page number could be checked in /proc/vmstat:
+      hmem_swapcache_promote_src
+      hmem_swapcache_promote_dst
+d. Enable page cache promotion
+   Support cache page promotion in shmem/generic file reads and writes. The
+   demotion is on the page reclaim path. Provide user interfaces to
+   control the rate limits of promotion and demotion. By default, promotion
+   is disabled and demotion is enabled.
+   For performance experiments, the recommended settings are:
+   To enable promotion, set a non-zero ratelimit. Using '-1' disables any
+   ratelimiting, and also enables promotion.
+    # echo -1 > /proc/sys/vm/promotion_ratelimit_mbytes_per_sec
+    # echo -1 > /proc/sys/vm/demotion_ratelimit_mbytes_per_sec
+   The number of promoted pages can be checked by the following counters in
+   /proc/vmstat or /sys/devices/system/node/node[n]/vmstat:
+      hmem_reclaim_promote_src
+      hmem_reclaim_promote_dst
+      nr_promoted
+   The number of pages demoted can be checked by the following counters:
+      hmem_reclaim_demote_src
+      hmem_reclaim_demote_dst
+   The page number of failure in promotion could be checked by the
+   following counters:
+      nr_promote_fail
+      nr_promote_isolate_fail
+   The number of pages that have been limited by the ratelimit can be checked
+   by the following counter:
+      nr_promote_ratelimit